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Okay so as much as I dislike this freaking gross upskirt joke from the manga (I’m sorry I’m sorry), it totally plays directly into Marsh’s theory of Soul being a sheltered little blueblood and Black Star being a bad influence.

Black Star’s 100% just like “bam check it,” not even phased, does not even care. Meanwhile Soul’s over there like “THIS IS SO INDECENT OH GOD WHAT AM I DOING MY MOTHER RAISED ME BETTER THAN THIS BUT IF THIS IS HOW WE GOTTA DO THEN THIS IS HOW WE DO BUT I’M NOT LOOKING.”

Bleh I edited the photos to take out the bulk of the girls because it made me feel icky having them there. For reference, both boys are lifting their partners’ skirts to distract/entice Sid into spilling information. [This is from the “extra lessons” early in the manga where they’re fighting Sid]

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#that right there just kinda sums up Soul’s character tho #like okay yeah he’s gonna roll with some of B*S’s bs ideas (see what i did there hurr durr) #but also he’s got a heart of solid gold #and is not gonna be a gross perv all over the place #like GAH this just sums up so many things about soul #because A) yeah he’s totally a sheltered little rich kid who grew up on the East Coast probably and went to fancy private schools #and like he started at DWMA right around middle school age or thereabouts #so he never even got to the age where even the aristocratic types’ children start to get into shit #he just got all the emotional damage and none of the life experiences #and B) even when he’s a horny teenage boy he keeps his eyes to himself as best he can #like you can’t really call it ‘respectful’ when he’s still lifting up his partner’s skirt for a zombie’s gratification #but at the same time #he’s clearly just like #CAN WE PLEASE BE DONE WITH THIS NOW OH MY GOD I FEEL SO DIRTY #the kid was obviously taught to be much more respectful of women/girls than this #and his body language is just ‘wow this is so stupid black*star why are we doing this can we stop now’ #idk this adorable loserdork gives me so many emotions #because at this point in time he would *love* to be thought of as a cool ladies’ man bad boy #but he’s actually mostly just a teddy bear with fangs and a serious case of emotional constipation #with a very thorough education on posture and place settings which he tries very hard to forget #(unfortunately he doesn’t succeed very well) #soul eater evans #actual precious darling

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